Viral poem "The Right to Hate" isn't about hate at all

A British comedian is getting attention for a poem that calls out political correctness and globalism. Millions of people watched Chris McGlade reciting his poem.

This week 150 people from around the world recited lines from the poem, and that new video is also going viral. The participants were people of all races, ages, religions, and political views, who were moved by his words.

FOX 26 photojournalist Darlene Janik Faires talked to McGlade about his poem.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Hello, my name is Chris McGlade, and I'm a comedian from Redcar in Middlesbrough in the northeast of England.  I wrote a poem called “The Right to Hate”.

It echoed my frustrations at globalism.

It also echoed my frustrations at political correctness.

I call it “The Right to Hate”. But it's not about hate at all. I don't hate any man, not even the man who murdered my father. I just want to have that right to hate, to disagree, to dislike, and be able to vocalize that back again. I wrote a comedy about my dad's life and his murder, and I forgive the man who murdered him, and the show "Forgiveness" contains the poem, “The Right to Hate”  because my father was the most un-PC man from an Irish family.

And so I was absolutely stunned, really that it had gone so big and it was like in weeks, like in a week it had, like, 2 million people So all of a sudden I was having all this attention from people all over the world. And then I suddenly had an idea to make another version of the poem. I'm going to bring working-class people, using people from different social backgrounds and different races and colors.

One thing that became crystal clear to me was the thing that I was feeling in my heart towards globalism and political correctness, people from across the world, black and white and, and left and right,

They all had the same kind of feelings in their hearts too. It's such a diverse cross-section of folks, you know, and they all feel the same way.

 I think, as a human race really what we all want is a bit more love and tolerance.

To see more of McGlade's work and the full video, you can visit his website here.