Ziplining over the Grand Canyon? Yes you can!

People can now experience the Grand Canyon in a brand new way: soaring thousands of feet above it, literally.

After years in the making, the Grand Canyon West Zip Line is finally open to the public.

Grand Canyon West is considered to be one of the most picturesque sites in the world, with tourists worldwide flocking there, every year, to see the sheer red rock cliff walls that is set against the blue sky.

With the zip line, people can soar over the canyon, reaching speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour.

It's a thrill like no other.

"It gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery, and soar kind of like an eagle, if you will," said Rory Majenty, the COO of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation. "They really get a scenic view of the canyon. That, again, I don't think anywhere here at Grand Canyon West would you have that opportunity."

The zip line was an effort that was a long time coming.

'We thought of making a zip line two years ago," said Majenty. "It took us two years to do site planning and environmental and biological assessments to develop what is now Grand Canyon West Zip Lines."

After getting harnessed up and going over a safety demonstration, people will start making their way up the first tower. At the top, people can get their first look at the canyon they are about to cross.

The first zip line is just over 1,000 feet long, and the second line is double the length of the first. All that means there's enough time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible scenery.

The zip line is another tourist draw for the Hualapai tribe. They introduced the skywalk in 2007, which now welcomes on average of 1 million visitors a year. Their hope is to to give visitors a new perspective of the Grand Canyon.

"I look at the future in terms of what we can do for our people, and also provide a first class experience to the visitor," said Majenty.

The zip line ride costs $89 per person, and it will be open seven days a week, beginning in the summer.