Your Legal Questions Answered: Accessing account & collecting possessions

FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico answers viewers' questions.

  1. "My sister passed away in April. She had me and my nephew on her checking account. None of us thought about her saving account. The account is not accessible, because she was the sole owner. She had no will or power of attorney. Can you give any advice about how we can access the funds?"
  2. "A neighbor I did not know recently passed away. The next day, I watched helplessly as maintenance workers bagged and boxed all of her possessions. They tossed them into the dumpster. I don't know if she had family, friends or a will. It seemed rather hasty that her items were disposed of so quickly. According to my lease, my family would have ten days to get my property, if I passed away. Doesn't the apartment complex have to put items in storage? How can I be sure the complex allows my family time?"