Yelp helps consumers find eco-friendly, Houston area businesses

The online business search tool Yelp is making it easy for you to find and support local shops and restaurants that are eco-friendly.

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Yelp says this was inspired by consumer demand, saying searches for services and products with words like "plant-based" and "EV charging stations" have been increasing each year.

We found Magpies Gifts and Interiors using Yelp.

"I have three little girls and I want the earth to remain as beautiful as possible for them, and their children and their children to come," said Magpies' co-owner Megan Beauchamp.

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We searched for businesses offering "plastic-free packaging."

"Bog Bags are a super cool bags that are structured and heavy-duty," Beauchamp added. "They come in fun vibrant colors. They're a great bag to take to the grocery store, especially for heavier items."

The Bellaire boutique offers several eco-friendly products, like skincare.

"It's called Farmhouse Fresh. It's a company out of McKinney, Texas," said Beauchamp.  "They use all the products on their farm to make their bath and body products."

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Not to mention toys! 

"They're called Plan Toys," said Beauchamp. "They're made out of rubber trees that have not produced rubber in, I think it's 5 to 10 years. They're a highly sustainable company."

Yelp is now enabling businesses to add eco-friendly descriptors to their profiles, words like EV charging stations, reusable tableware, compostable containers, bike parking, and vegan, to help consumers search them out.

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Plus, Yelp lists its top 100 vegan restaurants, including Crumbville bakery in Houston and eco-friendly community events.  It offers a Sustainability Resource Hub, where businesses can learn how to become more environmentally friendly.  

"It's very important because as humans we're just here for a finite period of time, and we have a responsibility to leave it just as good as we found it, if not better, ideally," said Beauchamp.


There are more sites that also help consumers find green businesses. Here are some: