WWII Veteran and son make stop at RodeoHouston

People have always said a little "thank you" can go a long way. For 99-year-old Sydney Walton, it’s going all across 50 states.

“We started on Wednesday at the World War II museum in New Orleans and then we went to the capital in Baton Rouge,” says his son Paul Walton who came up with the idea.

“It is so special for me to be able to do this for my dad,” says Paul Walton.

Before his 100th birthday, the pair plan to visit places all across the country and get folks opportunity to meet the World War II veteran.

Mark Veltri, a Navy veteran says, “way cool I mean they’re not going to be around that much longer and they are heroes.”

Walton enlisted in the army in the 1940's and serve for five years. But there’s a reason for this tour of no regrets. Walton says, “well my dad always talked about a regret that he had that when he was young growing up in New York City he could’ve met Civil War veterans in Central Park and he never took advantage of that opportunity and he really felt bad about it.”

Sunday night, the last night of the rodeo, Walton was honored in front of tens of thousands of people and even had the opportunity to meet President George Bush. Now the father-son duo will continue their journey across the country all the way to their final destination, the White House.

“You were going to go onto right now the entire United States, yeah right, then you’re going to end up in Washington on your 100th birthday how does that sound, good,” Walton.

To follow the pair across the country, click this link.