Worst tick season on tap

Health experts say this will be the worst season ever for tick borne illnesses. The ticks themselves are very small and the diseases are hard to diagnose.

Once one of these small bugs latches on, it can take less than 48 hours to transmit Lyme disease according to the Centers For Disease Control.

The CDC expects Lyme disease to hit an all-time high over the next few months because ticks are living longer with mild temperatures.

“Makes me feel uncomfortable, makes me feel very concerned,” said George Partida, a parent.

He found out about the big scare and decided to get tested by going to a local lab and getting his blood drawn. 

“As a parent and as someone who goes camping frequently, I definitely want to make sure that we get tested, “ said Partida.

Doug Conquest with Any Lab Test Now says a specific Lyme disease blood test can give you results in 2-3 days.

“If you are suffering flu like symptoms, have a rash, joint swelling and those type of symptoms, then you should absolutely come down here and make sure you get tested. That will allow your primary care physician to issue you the right treatment,” said Conquest.

Here are a list of preventive measures:
• Use insect repellants with at least 20% concentration of DEET
• When in grassy areas, wear long-sleeves, long pants tucked into soaks, gloves and a hat
• When you get home, remove clothes, wash or place in hot dryer