Women lose court battle to get custody of their murdered sister's girls

“I never thought I’d have to fight and lose my sister's children,” said Dana Curry.

Curry and her sister Dancie Magee say they contacted Child Protective Services after their baby sister, 37-year-old Amy Brown, was murdered last April 28.

“It was devastating,” Magee said.

Her alleged killer, Clint Felder, is the father of her four little girls.

Child Protective Services had taken custody of the girls last fall due to Brown’s drug addiction.

“The life Amy lived was not one we could get involved in,” said Magee,

But the sisters say they stayed in phone contact with Amy and she would have wanted them to raise the girls who range in age from 6 to 1.

“We want them to be part of our life. We want them to carry on Amy’s life and to know their mother, that’s part of our sister, that’s part of our blood,” Magee said.

“Who wouldn’t want after their sister’s murder wouldn’t want those children in their lives,” said Curry.

After their sister's slaying, Curry and Magee filed a motion to intervene in the CPS case.

“I’m surprised we even had to go to court,” Curry said.

But according to court testimony, CPS didn’t even consider the two blood sisters who have no criminal histories.

The state agency wanted the girls to stay with their foster mom.

She is a relative by marriage to a family who befriended Clint Felder, the accused killer.

“The legal argument was the children’s present environment did not endanger their physical health or emotional development,” said the sisters’ attorney Marcia Zimmerman.

The judge wouldn’t even grant the sisters visitation rights.

They appealed the judge’s decision and lost.

“They girls look like us,” said Magee.

“Yes the do,” Curry added.

“And they’ll never see us,” Magee said.