Woman warns against cosmetic procedure after losing all of her eyelashes

(FOX News) - A Utah woman who lost her natural eyelashes after getting extensions may serve as a cautionary tale for women considering the cosmetic procedure, which has been popularized by celebrities like reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Michelle Lundberg, of Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, told Fox 13 Now that she suffered itchy eyes and a rash on her eyelids after getting false eyelashes applied at an unnamed salon. When she tried to have the lashes removed, her natural lashes broke off.

“It took weeks and weeks and weeks for them to grow back to normal," Lundberg told the news station.

Consumer Reports issued a warning in 2013 about the potential dangers of  false eyelashes, including allergic reactions and infections. The group advises consumers avoid eyelash extensions and opt for mascara instead.

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