Woman sues Walmart

Is Walmart racist? That's what one Los Angeles family believes, and they are suing because of it.

Essie Grundy says she went to a Walmart in California back in January to buy a cream used by African Americans. She says she was shocked to see that beauty supplies used by African Americans were separated from other products and kept behind a locked glass case that could only be opened by an employee.

"I felt that I was being treated as a person who might be a thief even though I have no criminal history and have always been a law abiding person," Grundy said. "That is why I am speaking out and have filed a lawsuit."

The woman also claims that after she chose what she wanted, she had to be accompanied to a cash register and was not allowed to touch the products until the purchase was complete.

Walmart has responded saying they do not tolerate discrimination, but the decision to lock up certain products is made on a store-by-store basis.

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