Woman seeks help on Facebook, FOX 26 aids in securing cranial helmet for baby

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A mother of three says she felt helpless because her baby boy needs medical attention but she can't afford it.  She reached out to Fox 26 on Facebook.  Now it appears her infant will get the care he needs.

"The back of his head is not fully forming.  One of his ears is a little forward than the other and he has one eye a little smaller than the other," explains Jessica Cabriales.

Cabriales recently found out her  7-month-old son Houston needs a cranial helmet to fix disproportionate measurements revealed during her son's head analysis.

"The helmet will help form [his head to be] round and not be so flat at the back of his head," says Cabriales.

Cabriales contacted a cranial helmet company and found out it costs $2,100.

"It's difficult.  I have a little one, then his other two brothers, just trying to get everything provided for them," explains Cabriales.  

Although she works full time, this mother of three realized it would be next to impossible to come up with the money for the helmet anytime soon.  Making matters worse, Houston's insurance provider Medicaid turned down the claim and would not cover the cost of the helmet or so she thought.   

It turns out the helmet company didn't submit to Medicaid for payment but rather referred Cabriales to a credit company to get a loan for the helmet "but we didn't get approved," she says.

So Fox 26 contacted Medicaid and found out insurance will cover cranial helmets if certain age requirements and medical criteria are met.

Now, the 27-year-old mom is going to contact Medicaid and provide the necessary paperwork.

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