With no power for 4 days, many residents warming up with frequent trips to outside vehicles

"They should have prepared for us prepared for this,’ said Edna Jones. "They are worried about the epidemic they need to worry about this this is more death than the epidemic."

The entire complex called Lancaster Senior Village at 7447 Belforr is completely dark.

You can see residents come and go from their apartments to jump into their vehicles in hopes of warming up before returning to their cold,  dark units.

Jones hasn’t had power for four days now.

"It’s been crazy staying in my apartment minding my own business," she said. "Everybody’s been sitting out in their cars trying to stay warm, charging up their phones. We’ve been without water for two days.

"No heat, no lights for two days," said Lola Briscoe.

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And not one good meal Briscoe says.

"Eating whatever I can get, like Fritos, no real food.’

"One pandemic after another pandemic," said Temetria Brooks. "I’m really over it."

Brooks is not only dealing with powerless days and nights, her apartment roof collapsed. It’s apparently due to pipes above her bursting.

"It’s raining inside," she said.


With others dealing with their own weather related issues, Brooks is now living in her car.

"My cousin had a newborn baby and the lights went out," she said. "She had to go to her sisters house and their lights went out."

Brooks says apartment management is ignoring her and she desperately needs a helping hand.

"I really don’t ask for help," she said. "I’m asking for anything just to help us."

If you'd like to help out, you can contact Temetria Brooks at (346) 775-4565.