Wills Point man recalls near-death road rage attack

A Wills Point man is finally out of ICU and talking about a road rage attack that nearly killed him. Police are still looking for the driver who hit and dragged him.

Mark Huff is doing the best he can while in so much pain. The 56-year-old was conscious through the entire experience of being hit and run over by both sets of tires Saturday evening in Wills Point.

Huff won't be behind the wheel anytime soon. With a broken leg, arm, shoulder, ribs and pelvis, he has plenty of reminders of his run-in with the wrong driver.

Huff was on his way home from shopping with his girlfriend when he says a man in a small dark colored hatchback got upset with his driving and started bumping his truck from behind. Huff pulled over to confront him.

“He reached out and hit me out of his window,” explained Huff. “So, I hit him back a few times.”

But it wasn't over. Huff says, as he walked away, the other driver hit him with his car -- carrying him a short distance on the hood before slamming the breaks to throw him off. He was then run over by the car.

Huff is grateful to those who tried to help as he lay in the street battered and bleeding.

“He was coming after me again if the people hadn't come out,” said Huff. “Greatest people there are.”

Huff says, unfortunately, he's learned the hard way you can never be sure what another driver will do.

“Leave it alone,” he said. “This opened my eyes. You've got to walk away.”

Police say they are still looking for the suspect and in need of tips. Huff says it was a dark-colored hatchback with tinted windows, and the man was white with red hair and a thin beard.

Doctors tell Huff his recovery could take at least six months. A fundraiser for Huff is set for Friday at KC’s Brickstreet Grill in Wills Point beginning at noon.