Will you 'Be The One' to combat human trafficking?

Do you know how to "Be The One?" Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is hoping to teach you how when it comes to identifying human trafficking victims. 

“One bystander choosing not to look away was all it took to rescue a 13-year-old who was tied to a bed, drugged and sold for sex,” explains Paxton in a video to launch a new campaign called "Be The One" to fight human trafficking. Paxton says choosing to "Be The One" could not only change but save someone's life.

The hour-long video is teaching viewers how to recognize, report and fight modern-day slavery.

”People engage in sex trafficking, that's an everyday occurrence that we are trying to reduce,” says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in the video.

Katherine McGibbon is grateful that others are being encouraged to speak up for people who believe they don't have a voice.

”Everyday was just like, 'How am I going to survive? I just want to get home. I just want to go back to normal. How am I going to do that?' That was my focus, fighting off evil to survive,” says McGibbon. She was held in human trafficking, like most victims, not with chains but with fear, threats and torture. 

“They make you think you have no other life and you're worthless,” explains McGibbon. 

Brent Pullan in The Woodlands knew he had to 'Be The One' to help. 

“It was amazing to see all of the high-end cars coming in, Posrches, Maseratis,” says Pullan. The traffic told him something wasn't right at a house on his quiet street. 

“When we knew exactly what was happening in there with these women, it was really disheartening especially having two daughters, very frightening,” adds Pullan. His story is part of the campaign.  With one call to police, Pullan shut down a multi-million-dollar sex slave business right there in The Woodlands. 

McGibbon has a message for victims who haven't yet been rescued. 

“There are so many people that are fighting for you right now," says McGibbon. "There are so many people that are fighting for you and we're going to win.”                    

One big message in the video is how most people who are exploited will not seek help and will never get help unless someone else reports what's going on.