Which presidential candidate is better for your financial future?

Which presidential candidate will be best for your financial future?  There have been so many personal attacks and so much mudslinging, many people feel there aren't shovels large enough to dig through the dirt to get to the real issues in this presidential race.  So we did some digging for you.

“Historically under a Democratic president the market has done better,” explains Certified Public Accountant Ed Gardner. 

The stock market clearly tanked when the FBI launched its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and then surged by more than 300 points once Clinton was cleared.

“There's a feeling that the market will do better with her than it will with Mr. Trump because she has been more of a friend to Wall Street,” adds Gardner.

The CPA says the stock market may soar with Hillary at the helm, but he says Donald Trump is proposing tax cuts to more Americans including homeowners and business owners.

“Overall Trump's tax brackets are going to be more favorable to the average person," Gardner said. "Clinton, her tax brackets pretty well are going to stay in line with what they are now.  What Trump wants to do is, the top tax bracket right now is 39.6 and when someone is in the low $100,000 income he wants to cap it at 33 percent”.

Trump's tax plan, however, would have low income Americans paying a bit more in taxes.  So someone earning $10,000 a year would go from paying 10 percent to 12 of their earnings.

Before you head out to vote there's a bit more you may also want to know.  “Clinton wants to increase minimum wage from $7.25 to $12. Mr. Trump wants to increase it to $10, of course he says but let the states decide,” says Gardner.

So which presidential candidate is better for your financial future?  “It just depends on what level of income you are," Gardner said.

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