What's Your Point? July 9,2017 Texas - Ken Paxton and SB4

This week's panelists: Lance Roberts- "real Investment Hour" host  Nyanza Moore - Houston attorney and progressive commentator, Tony Diaz - Chicano educator and activist, Marcus Davis - Radio host of Sunday Morning Live (Majic 102.1), Bill King - columnist and businessman. and  Kathleen McKinley - conservative blogger, join Greg Groogan for a lively discussion  about Ken Paxton's legal defense costs and SB4, the bathroom bill.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The attorney general for Texas disclosed Wednesday that a Washington-based conservative group is helping pay his legal defense on criminal securities fraud charges, the first such national organization to offer financial support. Republican Ken Paxton, who has pleaded not guilty, awaits trial on felony charges of misleading investors. Financial disclosures show he has received nearly $550,000 the past two years for legal expenses, including $10,000 from The Annual Fund Inc.

Some say these "gifts" could make the state's top lawman look the other way for his benefactors down the road.

Ahead of the special session Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is digging in his heels against the controversial trans -gender bathroom bill, saying he doesn't want to be responsible for suicides.