What's Killing You? - DNA & diet

What's Killing You?

Believe it or not, lack of cheese as research shows we should be eating it daily, although not large servings of it. Approximately one ounce of cheese daily can reduce the risk for heart disease and prevent stroke, based on a ten-year study. Over the duration of the study, people who consumed the small serving of cheese each day were up to 18 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, 14 percent less likely to be diagnosed with coronary disease and ten percent less likely to have a stroke.

What's Killing You?

Your diet, depending upon your DNA, according to researchers at Texas A&M University. One diet does not fit all. Doctors tested the theory on four genetically-different mice.

Three of the mice were fine with diet guidelines that mirrored those given to humans living in the U.S., one of the mice however, became obese even though he was sticking to the same diet. 

One of the three healthier mice even kept a skinny appearance but actually had a high percentage of body fat. 

Researchers say they hope these findings will help them come up with genetic tests that can figure out what diet works best with individual DNA cases.