What to do if your car takes in water

If your car begins to take in water, the Houston Fire Department wants you call for help and remember POGO. It stands for Pop the seatbelt, Open the window, and Get Out.

"Remember to pop your seatbelt first and get your children out from oldest to youngest," said Houston Fire Department Captain Beau Moreno. He adds the oldest children can sometimes help with younger children.

In case you can't roll the window down, a window punch can help save your life. The inexpensive tools either come in the form a keychain or a small hammer with a pointed tip.

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Moreno says to break the door windows.

"Don't bother with the windshield. The windshield is designed not to break," he explained.

If you do not have a window punch, Moreno says to use the heels of your shoes to kick the window open.

He also says do not turn the car off.

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"You want to leave that power on. Let the battery short out but that also gives you enough time to roll the windows down, unlock the doors, and also leaves the lights on so in case we do see light on the cars," he added.

If you cannot get to try land,  Moreno says try to get on top of your car.

If you are unable to open a window, he says to remain calm wait until the water is over the door to open it.