What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality insures equal access to the internet. Internet providers like Comcast and AT&T can't block certain sites, or charge them a premium to reach you. The regulations were put into place under the Obama administration back in 2015.

But now, the FCC plans to get rid of those rules, allowing internet providers to control what people can access online. Their plan is to basically let internet providers create different categories of the internet, then let you pick which you pay for. But without net neutrality, people worry providers will get greedy and start favoring sites that can pay up. If the repeal passes, lawsuits are expected.

On The Factor to break down what exactly net neutrality is, and what's at stake in laymen's terms, is Dr. Chris Bronk, an assistant professor of computer and information systems and Associate Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education at the University of Houston.