Wedding venue closes unexpectedly, leaving couples scrambling

Noah's Event Venue closed unexpectedly, leaving several couples without a wedding venue.

"You dream of your wedding from the time you're a little girl," said Sarah Donovan.

But no bride dreams of being left at the altar by the wedding venue.

"It's devastating," said Sarah's mother Kelly Seylar. "This is my only daughter the wedding I didn't have it's what I wanted for her."

With the April 4th wedding closing in Kelly and her daughter Sarah went to the Noah's Event Center in Dickinson last Tuesday.

Kelly says she knew about the company's bankruptcy filing last May which forced some of the more than 30 locations in 20 states to close.

"It was exciting," the bride to be said."We are about some 50 days out it was exciting we couldn't wait."

"We had just come here Tuesday and picked out all the tables how we wanted it arranged what colors the lights on the wall would be." Kelly said. "I said no this is not happening.

Three days later Noah's Event Center would all close for good.

"I got out of the car I tried to open the doors it's a ghost town here," groom-to-be Daniel Laymon said. "We have no one to talk to there's not even anything posted on the door we're flying blind at this point.

"We're out about 8 thousand dollars," Kelly said."We don't have a lot of money to put down on anew place."

We called different numbers for Noah's Event Center but have yet to hear back.

Its website states some customers could be eligible to file an administrative claim.