Water adventures on Houston's north side

This weekend is the kick-off of many summer activities, including fun in the sun, north of Houston in Montgomery County. 

Get ready to hang 10 at Hangar 9 in Conroe.

"We have a wakeboard cable, We can have six riders at any given moment spinning around the cable and imagine if you will, a skatepark on water.  We have ramps, kickers, rails, boxes, any kind of feature you want to hit. It's on the water, and the beauty of the cable is it never stops spinning, so we can have a line of 30 to 40 people easily and facilitate that in a very timely fashion. We also have what's called our 2.0 cables, they are learning cables. We can take virtually any rider, if they've never touched a wakeboard and give them a one-on-one lesson, so that they can get on the water and prepare them for the main cable experience," says Nicolas.

He says he has taught everyone from 5- to 50-year-olds how to wakeboard!


How about a little slippery tag in the Aqua Park?

"We expanded it and added more features to it, and we can help or facilitate 20 to 40 different guests at a given moment and we have fantastic Aqua guides. We're there to help people, primarily stay safe, but also have a really good time. If you bring out really bigger groups, or if there are enough people on it which we love to have when we run different games like tag, let's go elementary with a freeze tag, zombie tag any sort of tag where you have to run around on the park, it just elevates the fun to a different level. It's honestly some of the most fun I've ever had personally, and I'm not just saying that because I work here," laughs Nicolas. 

They're now extending their hours: from noon - 8 p.m. on weekends and 1 p.m. - 8 p.m. during the week. They're also offering summer camps for kids ages 7 to 19 years old!  

Here's another fun option: Big Rivers Water Park in New Caney. Just 30 minutes from downtown Houston, they've got adventure covered.

"Slides, the lazy river, we've got the biggest waves, we've got all of these very traditional waterpark activities. On top of that, we’ve got zip lines and challenge courses like American Ninja Warrior type stuff. We have archery and axe throwing and we have a petting zoo and we have an alligator show, and so we have all of these varied activities that really allow you to have a lot of different experiences.

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They also offer a huge inflatable obstacle course on their lake. Plus they expect you to get hungry with all of the water sports. They smoke their own meat right there in the park.

"Our smoked turkey is amazing. And so I'm a huge fan of smoked turkey! We've got pizza and chicken tenders at our food court and burgers and then we've got Tex-Mex where we cook right in front of you, so not just traditional waterpark fair, like pizza and burgers," smiles Monty. 

They also have an area for the little ones.

"In Gator Splash, there are 390 different water elements on this as well as eight slides," explains Monty. 


They have bigger slides as well, not to mention 1,000 gallons of cool water that is just waiting to dump its load on your head and cool you off on a hot, summer day.

Big River Waters Park expands its hours this weekend from 10 to 7, plus some Fridays they'll stay open until midnight! You can also expect some concerts out there this summer.

For more information visit https://hangar9wakepark.com or https://bigriverswaterpark.com.