Was That Fake? - smell of Parkinson's disease

Was That Fake?

Was a woman actually banned from an airport lounge for wearing UGG boots? Not just any woman but Human League singer Joanne Catherall, best known for her vocals in the song, "Don't You Want Me?" opposite Phillip Oakey. She posted on Twiiter that the Qantas business lounge would not let her enter and referred to her boots as "sleepwear."

Qantas replied saying that the company "endeavour to remain consistent in their lounge's dress guidelines" and provided a link to the rules, which specifically mentions no UGG boots under sleepwear. Lesson learned.

Was That Fake?

Can a woman actually smell Parkinson's disease? The headline claims she is helping scientists develop the first-ever diagnostic test and it is quite real, as it is reported by reputable publications such as The Telegraph. 

Mrs. Milne noticed a change in her husband's scent a few years ago, according to the reports. As it turned out, he had Parkinson's disease. During tests, she was given unmarked t-shirts and she was able to smell which of the people associated with them had the disease. Her nose has helped scientists discover ten molecules linked to the disease. While there is currently no definitive test for Parkinson's disease, researchers hope she can help them diagnose it sooner. There is a BBC documentary on her titled, "The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson's."

Was That Fake?

Did the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission try to communicate with a former adult film actress only to get publicly insulted? A screenshot has been distributed heavily online apparently showing that the administrator, who just led the vote to repeal 'Net Neutrality' -- asked her to join him for dinner.

The exchange was Huzlers.com and appears to be a screenshot posted by social media star Mia Khalifa herself laughing at him in response. Despite her reputation for calling guys out who try to message her, the website calls itself satire in its About Us section and the post cannot be found on Khalifa's Twitter timeline anymore. Neither can a tweet where she apparently said, "Every bartender in DC gonna have a secret menu for when Ajit Pai walks in from now on #netneutrality"
The image is on Snopes, but not on her timeline. Snopes claims she deleted it.