Was that fake? - proper beer pour

Was that Fake?

Did California post signs declaring it an official sanctuary state and welcoming gang members? They said things like, "Cheap nannies and gardeners make Malibu great!" And "felons, illegals, and MS-13 welcome! Democrats need the votes!" Is it fake? Well, the signs really did go up underneath legitimate signs, but they were put up by a prankster. Not the state. California did become a "sanctuary state" Monday when a bill the governor signed in October took effect. Clearly, someone was not pleased. Crews are now taking those signs down.

Was that fake?

Has your bartender been causing your stomach issues? Depends if you believe this beer expert, who's story was trending on Twitter today. You know how we pour beer on the side? This guy says trying to get rid of all the foam when pouring a beer is actually not what you want to do. Instead, he says foam it up! He claims all that foam actually breaks up the carbonation before it gets into your belly – making you feel a lot less bloated.  So more foam is good!

Was that fake?

First lady Melania Trump is usually admired for her fashion sense, but a new meme going around is wondering where she got her New Year's Eve dress. It suggests the first lady may have been wearing a shower curtain on the last night of the year. But this "who wore it better" is fake. So no need to share.