Was that fake? - cannibal cafe

Does Tokyo have a restaurant serving human meat? The story now triggering a lot of people to sound off on cannibalism claims humans sell themselves to the butcher for $30,000, then diners shell out $1,000 bucks a plate to eat human. It even has a Japanese name meaning "edible brother". But, yes -- it's fake! First off, it's written in horrible broken grammar. That should always be a clue for you. The story is similar to a piece from a Spanish-language satire site from last year, and some pics being shared are promo shots from a video game.

This next story is about Bob Marley. The reggae star passed from brain cancer in 1981, but there are conspiracy theories the government infected him with the cancer five years prior. Now, a news site claims a former CIA officer just fessed up. They say on his death bed, Bill Oxley confessed to 17 assassinations, including Marley, claim he tricked him into injecting a cancerous virus. This is from the site "Your News Wire". But there are no sources in this article. This particular site has a history of fake news articles. Including several other "death bed confessions" from CIA agents. So, was this fake? Well, there doesn't seem to be enough confirmation here to buy what they're selling.