Walk to End HIV Houston on March 6

The Walk to End HIV takes place in Houston this weekend, and many more walkers and donors are needed!

The Lazarus House is a wellness center that benefits from the walk funds, and they're getting their team ready for the big day.


It's time again for Walk to End HIV Houston this Sunday, March 6. Funds from the walk benefit ten local agencies, including the Lazarus House, which is a wellness center that has been strengthening patients with weak muscles, including HIV patients, to help them live longer and stronger.  

Melissa Serra is a trainer who has volunteered there the past 20 years. She says they need help now more than ever, because of the pandemic.

"Charities like ours have been hit hard, so we're just trying to make up for some lost time, and the Walk to End HIV has been one of the biggest fundraisers for Lazarus house every year, so we're very, very excited about it," exclaims Melissa. 

The clients at Lazarus House get special care to help them gain strength through special exercises and nutrition advice, in a loving environment, at a low or no cost to them.

It helps patients with many chronic conditions besides HIV, ranging from cancer to stroke and injuries.

"Lazarus House makes sure that they're up-to-date on the newest research, dealing with diseases, disease-related wasting, actually, that helps people become stronger through what we take for granted every day just to be healthy, these people need it to survive and live longer," states Melissa.

Helping these clients is near and dear to Melissa's heart. She lost her beloved cousin to HIV decades ago. 

"I didn't know that years later, I'd get so involved in a facility that focused on HIV/ AIDS and would then eventually be a big part of this Walk to End HIV," says Melissa.


She's thankful the Lazarus House helps strengthen the lives of those who suffered, like her own family member.

"Everyone goes to doctor's appointments and sometimes it doesn't always feel good to go somewhere for yet another appointment, so Lazarus house makes it very comfortable and inviting and the staff is very sensitive to the needs of their clients," explains Melissa.

Now in order to continue their quality care, they're hoping for a record turnout at this year's AIDS walk. 

"We depend on generous donations from the public. We get no government grant funding. We do it all by private donations, and so to have it go on 20 years with what's going on in the community, I feel very blessed to be a part of such a great organization," says Melissa.

Again, the Walk to End HIV is this Sunday, taking place at 1 p.m. downtown at Sam Houston Park.  

To sign up, head to: https://www.walktoendhivhouston.org

For more information: https://thelazarushouse.org