Vigil held in Spring for two-year-old Ivory West, Jr. who was killed in his home

Balloons, flowers and stuffed animals sit on the porch of a home in Spring, Texas. This is the unfortunate reality of the family of two year old Ivory West Junior, but it’s also one that we should be facing too. The little boy was shot and killed inside his home, and his killers are still out there. 

“Outgoing, energetic, fun little two-year-old kid. Life took him so early, you know he never even really figured out what life was, and he’s already gone.” Said Michelle West, the boy’s aunt.
Family, friends, strangers, united for a terrible reason. Ivory West Jr., also known as TJ was killed. Gunned down, in the garage of his home. His father, Ivory West Senior shot multiple times in the torso, his father’s friend was also shot. Two men injured and a toddler dead during an apparent home invasion.
Emotions ran high for the family. TJ’s mother still grieving for her son, and TJ’s dad who is still recovering in the hospital. He joined the vigil via FaceTime and spoke with Fox 26. “He was a good kid, and everybody that met him loved him. He was a great guy man. And they didn’t have to do that to my son man. They didn’t have to take my son.“ he said.
Prayers, and a ballon release in little TJ’s honor. Candles glowed in front of the garage, surrounded by toys. Dorothy Harris, TJ’s mother, cried a desperate plea for justice.
“He was only two. My baby would be three in September. I can’t even throw a party, nothing. Nothing! Whoever did it please come forward, please that’s all I’m asking, that’s all I’m asking please. Just as for TJ, that’s all I want.“
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help to bring the two men responsible to justice. They are described as African American, between 25-35 years old. One wearing a red hat and gray t-shirt, while the other was dressed in all black with a gold “Nike” logo on his jacket. If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.