Video shows hoverboard explode in Utah home

Home security camera footage shows the moment when a young Utah boy’s hoverboard lit up in flames and exploded in the family’s living room. 

Tamilisa Miner posted the video on her Facebook page on June 18, which shows smoke rising from her son’s hoverboard before it explodes into flames sending debris across the room. 

Miner’s son frantically runs past the hoverboard but was thankfully not harmed according to Miner. She said the hoverboard almost set the house on fire.

"Battery cells shot out like shrapnel starting smaller fires," Miner wrote on a Facebook post. "Then the kids’ chair caught fire, the kitchen rug, and my panicked mind didn’t know when to stop and give up, or to keep fighting. "

Miner’s husband rushed for a fire extinguisher as soon as he could and helped put out the flames. 

"We are extremely grateful for our safety, great family and neighbors, insurance, our home, and the incredible timing", Miner wrote in the post.