Valentine's Day marks 62nd anniversary for Houston couple

When Jim and Rosalyn Huddleston look at each other, this is what they see.

“I see a very pretty young lady,” said Jim Huddleston.

February 3, 1956. Rosalyn had turned 17 and was ready to marry 20-year-old Jim, who she had been dating for about a year.

“They thought she could do better so they were encouraging her to leave and find somebody else,” Jim said.

“My mother said this will never last. and I decided I’ll show them, I’ll show her,” Rosalyn said.

Since her mother wouldn’t give her permission, Rosalyn and Jim ran off to Louisiana and eloped on Valentine’s Day 1956. This Valentine’s Day marks their 62nd year together.

So what’s the secret to their long and lasting love?

“A combination of answers,” Rosalyn said. “A lot of faith, a lot of hard work, a lot of tolerance, a lot of love.”

The couple lived mostly in Alvin where they raised three kids. Jim worked in the oil and gas field. Rosalyn was a nurse.   

“Rosalyn is gutsy,” Jim said. “Anything I wanted to do, and I’ve always wanted to get out on the edge, she’s willing to go with me.”

After retiring, the couple shared their love of adventure.

“I love to scuba dive. We did a lot of that,” Rosalyn said.

They even volunteered to go overseas and went to places like New Guinea to spread God’s word.

Now the couple spends their time at Parkway Place, a senior living community on the city’s west side.

“I love him in a different way and much more deeply I would say,” Rosalyn said.

“I’ve given her instructions, don’t you dare go before me,” said Jim.

“And I said 'you’ve got to talk to God about that,'” said Rosalyn.