Two suspected MS-13 gang members charged in murder of teen girl

A  South Gessner apartment complex was the gang's base of operations even if some residents had no clue what was really happening.

“No idea. I didn't. No idea,” said one man driving out of the apartments. Others did know, but didn't want to talk.

Police began to unravel what was happening in apartment 2312 on February 16. That's when a passerby discovered the body of a young woman on Sharpcrest.  She had been shot twice at close range.

They appealed to the public for help.

Police say two weeks earlier a girl ran away from school and fell into the clutches of a gang headed by Miguel Alvarez–Flores, aka Diabolico.  That girl ended up in that apartment with another female named "Genesis."  Both were kept drugged and were sexually assaulted.  She was able to tell police what had happened.  Flores and Diego Hernandez Rivera showed no remorse while listening to the kidnapping and  murder cases against them.

“Genesis made an outburst against the shrine dedicated to the gang members' satanic beliefs,“ intoned the court official reading the probable cause documents.

Flores offered the shrine a lit cigarette as an offering.

“He returned from the statue and told the entire group including the gang members that the beast did not want any material offering but wanted a soul.

According to Diaboloco that meant Genesis had to die.  Her identity remains a mystery. But what is no mystery is the El Salvador-based gang's brutality,  and the police department's desire to shut them down here in Houston.

“We're not going to talk much about the investigation because it's extremely sensitive and we're dealing with some pretty hardcore gang bangers. So we're going after them hard,” Said chief Art Acevedo.