Two deaths reported from carbon monoxide exposure in Tomball-area home

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is working to determine what led to carbon monoxide exposure that killed a woman and a boy inside a Tomball-area home.

Just after 10:30 a.m. Saturday, first responders arrived to the 13300 block of Columbia Key in northwest Harris County following a 911 call. A neighbor had reported going up to the house, knocking on the door and no one answering, then hearing a car running inside the garage.

"When deputies attempted to walk around the house, they could hear a car running inside the garage," said Sgt. Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriffs Office. "At that point, they made entry into the home. While inside the home, it was consumed with carbon monoxide and they did find the body of a 54-year-old female along with the juvenile maybe 14 to 15 years old."

Crews immediately tried to clear the house from the carbon monoxide.

"Opening the windows, putting the fans in and getting that out," said. Sgt. Gilliland. "The female they thought might have been alive, they tried to bring her outside and do rescue on her, but unfortunately that was not the case." 

"I guess people now need to be educated so that we can prevent such accidents in the future", says Abhiskek Patel, who lives down the street.

Two deputies who were inside the home were taken to a hospital for precautionary measures.

"Our prayers and hearts to the family of those folks," says Patel.