Travis Scott Utopia Tour dates: Return to Houston occurring in October, HPOU says 'not again'

Travis Scott is coming back to Houston for the first time since the AstroWorld tragedy in 2021 -- where 10 people were killed.

The Missouri City local will perform at the Toyota Center on October 19.

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We did some digging online and found tickets already available for the concert on SeatGeek. But then on StubHub, his Houston concert is left out.

We reached out to Live Nation to confirm tour dates, but we haven't heard back.

The Houston Police Officer's Union is not happy with the idea of Travis Scott coming back to Houston.

In a statement, President Doug Griffith says, "The Houston Police Officers’ Union received information early last week that Travis Scott would be returning to Houston for two concert dates. One concert in October and one in November. 

Like most we were in complete disbelief that anyone would approve of Travis Scott or the production company having another concert. Only days after the release of a 1200-page report describing the tragic events that took place during this Astroworld Concert, we are advised that there will be another performance. 

Just two weeks ago we were asking for prayers and healing for the families of the Astroworld tragedy, and then we are once again opening those wounds with announcing another concert. We believe that it is unreasonable to allow this concert to go forward and call upon elected officials to stand up and say, not in our city, not again!"

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has also released a statement about the concert saying, "Travis Scott and his promoters booked the Toyota Center for a concert in October. Unlike the Astroworld Festival at NRG in 2021, the concert will be held in a different type of venue. The Toyota Center has been a good partner with the City of Houston, and we expect this to continue for this and every other concert. Before today’s announcement, Toyota Center representatives convened meetings with public safety officials and the City’s special events office. They will continue working together to ensure this concert’s safety, not unlike the many other concerts  and events held at Toyota Center each year."