Top stories this morning 9/29

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Missouri city police are working to find a missing autistic teenager. Police say 15 year old Wilber Rivera disappeared yesterday after his bus dropped him off at home. A search for him has been called off this morning but police are hopeful that he will turn up in the coming hours.


An autopsy is scheduled for today on the body of a la marque woman who police say was killed by her 14-year-old son.

          Nita Moseley’s body was found Saturday by a neighbor. Police found the son Sunday and say they have sufficient evidence to connect him to the crime. Moseley was 4 months pregnant.  Police are not revealing a possible motive for the murder

Three attorneys who filed a civil suit against fort bend county's controversial truancy court.  Are now claiming alleged criminal wrongdoing and are calling for a special court of inquiry. This, after a new state law that decriminalizes truancy went into effect earlier this month. The attorneys say thousands of students were subjected to a guilty until proven innocent system in the truancy court.


A Texas company that played a big role in the finding of water on mars has been working with NASA for ten years.  The finding was announced on Monday at NASA headquarters in Washington.

          The Martian water - described as extremely salty - was detected by an orbiting satellite.

          NASA says the "central Texas" made parts it's ordered may unlock more secrets on the red planet.