Top stories this morning 10/30

A southeast Houston family is safe this morning after fire tore through their home leaving two of their three dogs dead.  It happened early this morning on Yellowstone near Weston. The homeowners said they had Halloween lighting in front of the home.

One of the dogs had been seen chewing on the wires which may have sparked the fire.



Today is the day residents at the Crestmont village apartments in southeast Houston will be ordered out. The complex is operated by a suspected slumlord and has been known to be safe havens for drugs, gangs and crime on the property.

Just a few residents remain there this morning, but the power will be shut off later today.


The government will stay open under legislation given final approval by the U.S senate early this morning. The deal had been struck between republican congressional leaders and democrats avoiding a major showdown and a big issue in the race for the white house.The agreement comes as Paul Ryan takes over as house speaker.