Top stories this morning 10/28

A father and his step-daughter are in the hospital after a couple of robbers terrorized their home. A few men barged into the home on Ola and Apala in northeast Harris County and held the family at gunpoint and then shot the father and stepdaughter.

            The robbers took off in the family's SUV and it was found burned out and abandoned.



Police are investigating a homicide in west Houston where a man was shot in the head at an apartment complex near Wallingford.  After being shot, he then attempted to drive away and crashed into a parked car. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died. Currently no one is in custody.

            Police want to review security video from the area for any clues that would lead to the shooter.


The U.S coast guard will attempt to re-float a tug boat and tanker barge stuck off east beach in Galveston and have been there since Sunday.

            The coast guard says, the tanker dropped anchor to ride out the stormy weather but, fierce winds dragged it toward the shore. The six people aboard the barge are all safe.


The GOP presidential candidates meet for a third time tonight. Their debate is being held at the University of Colorado in boulder. The economy is expected to be a hot topic.

This debate comes as doctor ben Carson surges in the polls, past Donald trump.