Top stories this morning 10/27

A tank barge carrying oil waste and a tugboat is still beached on a Galveston Beach after drifting from where they were anchored during the weekend storm.

            The coast guard says it is still working with contractors to get it moved.



A man is in police custody accused of stealing a metro lift van near downtown Houston and leading police on a chase.

            Tracking equipment installed in the van helped police find the vehicle that was carrying one passenger.

            The driver eventually crashed into a fire hydrant and was taken into custody.


High drama on the high seas, all caught on camera. The coast guard jumped into action to rescue dozens of sailors after their boat caught fire.

            The Papua new guinea-flagged fishing vessel went up in flames, off the coast of Hawaii. The crew abandoned ship in several life rafts. All the sailors survived the ordeal.


The woman accused of driving her car into Oklahoma State's homecoming parade has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. Police say Adacia Chambers purposely drove around a barricade and ran a red light, before plowing into a crowd on Saturday. Four people were killed, including a child. Chambers bail is set  a million dollars.