Top stories this morning 10/21

                Police are searching for a couple of burglars who went through a lot of trouble to break-in, but got away with nothing.  Officers tell us the two men knocked down the wall of a store to get to a convenience store on Medfield in southwest Houston.


A love triangle led to a stabbing, and now the suspect is in the run.

            Police tell us a woman began fighting with her ex's new wife at an apartment complex on west Sam Houston parkway and Westheimer.

The ex-wife than stabbed the new wife in the back and took off. The victim was treated for minor injuries.


A La Porte police officer is recovering after a driver crashed into him during a traffic stop.

The crash happened last night along highway 146. The officer and the at-fault driver were injured. Both are in stable condition.


Syria's president Bashar Assad is back in his home country after traveling to Moscow to meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

            There are reports the two leaders talked about the continuation of the military operations against "terrorists" in Syria.