Top stories this morning 10/20

Police are looking for three men that hopped out of a stolen vehicle in north Houston. It happened during a chase along Rankin and the north freeway.

            The driver ended up getting the car stuck on a curb near Kuykendahl.

            Four men jumped out, only one was taken into custody.


A southeast side HEB is back open, after a 74-year-old woman drove her SUV inside the store. One woman was killed and seven others were injured.

            It happened at the store in the Gulfgate center on Woodridge drive. It’s still unknown if the driver will be charged. The victim was a mother.


One square mile has been burned in a wildfire north of Huntsville. You’re looking live in Walker County. We’re told the fire is now 100 percent contained after breaking out yesterday. It's believed vehicle carrying hay blew a tire, creating sparks.

            A mandatory evacuation order was ordered for about 300 homes in two subdivisions, but some residents have now been told they can return home.    


Donald trump and Ben Carson are asking for protection from the U.S secret service. Both are currently the republican presidential frontrunners. Before they can get protection, they will need to consult with senior members of congress.