Top stories this morning 10/14

A man accused of a murder in Baytown is in custody. It comes after a swat team was called to a hotel in southeast Houston. Raymond Riley may have been using the hotel to lay low. After a standoff, police entered Riley’s room. No shots were fired as riley was handed over to Baytown police.   


A machine shop clerk is recovering after an overnight break in, in north Houston. Police say the employee heard a noise and confronted a burglar. The clerk was hit over the head with a gun and was taken to the hospital. The suspect got away.

Houston mayoral candidate Chris bell is set to speak later this morning on the steps of city hall. The focus will be on crime. Bell has sent a letter to HPD Chief Charles McClelland, calling on him to release figures on the current patrol presence within the city. Election day is November third.


A man is behind bars this morning after being accused of setting fire to a home in northwest Houston. Two men had some sort of argument that led to the man arrested setting the home on fire while the other man was still inside. He was able to get out safely - fire crews say the home is a total loss.