Tomball teacher arrested for allegedly taking handgun to school

A Tomball teacher was arrested after he allegedly took a handgun to school and made “alarming” statements to a colleague, according to court documents.

Mark Alan Davis, 62, is charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at Concordia Lutheran High School, where Davis teaches U.S. History and World Geography.

In a statement, the school says they took immediate action as soon as they learned of the incident, and Davis has been placed on administrative leave in addition to the criminal charges.

According to probable cause court documents, Davis approached a coworker in the commons area of the school, and the coworker noticed Davis “appeared to be more angry than usual”. Davis allegedly told the coworker he felt the principal had “screwed him” by giving him a bad reference when he applied for a coaching job at another school. Davis also allegedly told the coworker he felt that a head coach at the school didn’t give him an assistant-head coach position because Davis was discriminated against.

The court documents state that Davis told his coworker that the treatment he had received is the reason that people “snap”. Davis allegedly went on to say that he was going to buy an automatic rifle and that he had a gun upstairs.

According to court documents, a school security guard made contact with Davis, and Davis had a briefcase on his shoulder with the handgun in it. The handgun reportedly had a magazine with seven bullets, but did not have a bullet in the chamber.

Davis allegedly told the principal that he had the gun on school property to “protect the kids”.

According to police, Davis does have a license to carry a handgun, but is prohibited from carrying his handgun on the school’s premises under Texas Penal Code Section 46.03.

Concordia Lutheran High School released the following statement:

“There was an incident at our school yesterday involving an instructor, Mr. Davis, who was illegally in possession of a firearm in his classroom. Mr. Davis teaches U.S. History and World Geography. Texas law is clear on this issue and we take incidents like this very seriously. As soon as this information was brought to our attention, we took immediate action. In addition to criminal charges, Mr. Davis has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. We are cooperating fully with law enforcement in all aspects of this matter. Due to federal and state law, the information we can share at this time is limited. We will provide further information as needed; however, we felt it was important to share what we could in order to manage and dispel rumor and speculation. Please know the safety and security of our students, our teachers and staff, and our community remains at the forefront of everything we do at Concordia Lutheran High School.”