Tom Hanks shares his hobby with Sugar Land teen

A Sugar Land teen says she's feeling like a celebrity after she received a gift at her school from actor Tom Hanks.

When the large package from the Hollywood star arrived Tuesday at Fusion Academy Sugar Land, addressed to Jessica Khera, her English teacher had an idea of whom it might be from.

"I was just like, it has to be from Tom Hanks," said Deanne Owen, who teaches at Fusion Academy Sugar Land. "We had a mutual love of Tom Hanks, and we knew that he'd just written a book.

Owen had assigned Jessica to read Tom Hanks' book Uncommon Type and watch the documentary California Typewriting.

Tom Hanks is interviewed in the documentary, saying, "I probably have 250 plus typewriters, and I would say 90 percent of them are perfect working."

"In the documentary Tom Hanks mentioned that when people express interest in the collection--usually his friends--he'll have a typewriter to them within a couple of days," said Jessica. "So we thought we'd try and send a letter." 

Two weeks after penning the note to Tom, the package was delivered at school.

Staff at the school captured the excitement on Facebook Live as Jessica opened the box.

"I was kind of in shock," said Jessica. "It didn't feel like it was real. Like, the actual Tom Hanks sent our school a typewriter. But I'm very grateful."

It came complete with a note typed from Tom Hanks to Jessica.

"Don't merely type on this machine," Hanks wrote to Jessica. "Create, dream, wax, and make... Let me now how it goes... Tom Hanks."

Jessica says the first thing she plans to type is a thank you note to Tom.

"I really wanted to know how they work and try one out, and I think this is pretty great way to get a typewriter," said Jessica.