Toddler missing for days in Grimes County returns home

The three-year-old boy who went missing in Grimes County on Wednesday is finally back home for the first time since this whole ordeal started.

Little Christopher Ramirez was missing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then found alive and well on Saturday. He was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital to be examined and this afternoon he was brought home for the first time in five long days in a parade of patrol cars.

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We’ve seen the deputies for days, lights and sirens sounding searching for missing 3-year-old Christopher but today's line-up of squad cars is different. This time the officers are carrying precious cargo, little Christopher and his mom, escorting them to their home because he is missing no more. "Definitely it is a miracle," says the toddler’s mom Araceli Nunez.

"God’s timing is perfect. He knew exactly where that boy was, where I was, how soon I would find him," says Tim Halfin, the man who found him. He says it was God who led him to find the toddler in the woods near Halfin’s home, five miles away from the toddler’s own home.

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Halfin met and was thanked by Christopher's mom. "Thank you. God is with us. This lets you know that God exists," adds Nunez.  

"I think he had a guardian angel over him the entire time. I think we scared every wild animal out of here with helicopters and boots on the ground. So there was no coyotes or anything that would hurt him," says Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell. 

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Loved ones say little Christopher wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He already has a head start with a host of law officers who want nothing but the best for him, who are even pinning him with a junior deputy badge.

"I said, 'well he can be a Navy Seal if he wants to. He’s already passed survival training," smiles the sheriff, who said there’s no evidence of an abduction at this point. Sheriff Sowell says it appears the toddler simply wandered away, was lost in the woods for days, and is now somehow safe and sound back home.

"This is clearly a miracle.  There is no other explaining. It can’t be explained away," adds Halfin.


Sheriff Sowell says the toddler was checked out at Texas Children’s and is doing well. However, he says, the investigation is still ongoing.

Little Christopher was naked when he was found, and the sheriff says Christopher’s clothes still haven’t been found.