Toddler left at Houston fire station is not protected under Baby Moses Law

Some Houston firefighters made an unbelievable discovery at their South Houston station after hearing odd noises.  

The firefighters at Station-21 thought they were hearing sounds from a television, but the racket turned out to be a baby, alone, strapped in a car seat.

A photo is going viral of the baby being comforted and in the loving arms of a firefighter.  

"That just shows the type of quality employees that we have in the Houston Fire Department and how committed they are to this community,” says Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena.  

The chief doesn't know how long the baby sat in his car seat on the floor of the fire station waiting to be discovered but it was around 9:30 a.m. when firefighters found the baby boy.  

“Approximately one year old is what we’re estimating.  The baby seems to be in good health,” the chief explains.