TMZ: Lawsuit filed against Atlanta hotel over wrong floor

A woman is suing a hotel chain after she claims she was kicked out of one of the Atlanta locations. That according to who also reported she was booted because she was a “non-swinger on a swingers' floor.”

Hale Lewis booked a 3-night stay at a Marriott in Atlanta during last New Year’s Eve for a party, but she claims she was removed from the hotel in handcuffs over a mix-up on what floor she was supposed to stay on, according to TMZ.

Legal documents obtained by the online publication state she ran into a man who believed she was part of the “Swingers of Atlanta” and was escorted out after they tried to get her pay more for being on the floor.

Lewis’ legal complaint states she had booked the room through the company’s normal booking process. Her lawsuit states she was taken out in her pajamas and the whole incident has ruined her reputation.

TMZ reported that Marriott and the group at the hotel did not comment on their story.