Tiny houses built on campground give veterans homes to call their own

You might have heard of tiny houses before, or maybe even seen some, but these tiny houses are different. Built on a campground purchased by a pastor with the help of donations, they’re a part of Operation Safe Haven, and are meant for forgotten veterans to have homes to call their own. Now, the first houses are ready, and the very first veteran has moved in.

Tiny houses, also known as micro-houses, are like normal houses with plumbing, heating, and all the necessities, just shrunk down to a miniature size. Operation Safe Haven will give vets who need it a place to call their own and a community where they feel welcome and understood. According to veteran Eric Hadley, who has helped out on the project, that’s not always the case.

“You’ve got individuals who put their life on the line and serve the country,” Hadley told Fox 29. “And then, you know, they get out of the service, and they’re just kind of left.”

The houses belong to the vets, as a way of saying thank you for their service and to help them build lives outside the service, but maybe most importantly, as a physical reminder that they are never forgotten.