Three Brothers Bakery to host children's business fair for young entrepreneurs

Among the hundreds of thousands of small businesses, in the Houston metro, the entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age, for a lot of them. This spring, the long-standing Three Brothers Bakery marks 75 years of making sweet treats for Houstonians. As part of that celebration, they're inviting young entrepreneurs to come get a taste of commercial success.

With its decades of experience, Three Brothers has found a tasty recipe to feed its longevity, in the community. Like anything worth having, success takes a lot of work. The bakery's Janice Jucker likes the idea of that work ethic starting young, "When I was a kid, we had paper boys, and they had their own little businesses."

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For years, Jucker has been a vocal advocate for small businesses, and with that in mind, the bakery's 75th anniversary will include a Children's Business Fair to showcase some young business ideas and give participants an opportunity to put their plans into action.

There's an invitation for young entrepreneurs to apply for the opportunity. They've got to develop a brand, create a product or service, a marketing strategy, and, then, open their store at the business fair. Jucker believes the experience will offer a simple valuable lesson, "If they make money, they see that, 'I worked hard. I made these things and I made some money, and mom and dad didn't give it to me.'"

It's a unique way to give back to a community that has helped keep the doors open, and an opportunity to foster imagination that might bring the next big idea. It also builds on the importance of small business. "I don't know that people realize, small business employs half of America," notes Jucker.


The business fair will be held at the bakery's South Braeswood location on May 18th, for the anniversary celebration. Participants must be between the ages of 6 and 14, and, while parents can help with setup, the youngsters have to do all the work.

To apply so your child can join the business fair, click here.