Thousands partake in Central Texas Signing Day

About a thousand college bound students packed the stands at Concordia University’s field house.

It’s the third year for the Central Texas Signing Day. Among those in the crowd was Del Valle high school senior Cartier Robinson. He plans to major in biology and will be the first in his family to go to college.

"I just released my decision today, nobody really knew where I was going, it was between Duke and Georgetown and Reed, and I was like, I want to go to Duke, it felt like home,” said Robinson.

Signing day declarations from the stands has become a new tradition. 

It’s a big pep rally featuring university mascots, dance competitions and praise for scholarships winners.

"This is what it’s exactly about, it’s about giving these kids the support and to know that before you even get there you have people doing the same things you are, who are supportive of your goals, and supportive of you pursuing your high education,” said CTX Signing Day organizer Patricia Hayes

This big sendoff has become a big deal for students like Cedar Creek High senior Luis Razo, he's heading to UTSA to study business. "It makes me feel incredible; I don’t have any words to say about this its breath taking,” said Razo.

This celebration isn't being done just for the students who are graduating; it’s also being done to send a message for the kids who are still in school. "We've got almost 500 middle schoolers here, getting a glimpse of looking down the road seeing, if I work hard, where am I going, what am I going to do with that,” said CTX Signing Day organizer Fritz Fitzpatrick.

The event wrapped up with a unified pledge by the students to reach higher and never stop learning regardless where their life long journey may take them.

A host university for next year's signing day has not been selected. Organizers also tell FOX 7 that they want to expand the campaign and on the day of the event get everyone in Central Texas to wear their own college gear and join the fun. To learn more about Central Texas Signing Day, click here