Thieves rip off 3 during Volusia County funeral

Who steals from people attending a funeral? Volusia County deputies are trying to figure that one out right now.

It happened Sunday at Deltona Memorial Funeral Home and Gardens. Three friends say they left their cars in the parking lot during the service. When it ended, they found their car windows smashed. Deputies say the thieves took purses and wallets filled with cash plus credit cards and all three driver licenses.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says it shows just how uncaring thieves can be.

“You think that you’re gonna go into a funeral and that ‘Hey you know, I’m gonna just leave my stuff in my car.’ No. There are scumbags that are rolling around and they’re looking for that opportunity for somebody to put their guard down.” says Chitwood.
Volusia County deputies say they were not able to find anyone who saw it happen and there is not any security video to help either. So right now they say they do not have any leads.