Thief targets hair store; steals wrong type of hair

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Police officers in Buckhead are searching for a hair thief. While hair is a hot commodity, investigators said this man clearly was far from an expert, taking the wrong type.

Wednesday morning, while people were around, a thief took his chances by throwing a rock through the window of Royal Beauty Supply. Video released of the incident shows that once inside, the top of the man’s head can be seen, but moments later he appeared on another camera with bags of hair.

"He obviously thought he was going to break in and steal some expensive hair and sell it but that didn't happen. He stole synthetic hair, of all hair synthetic," said store owner Roxy Chism.

Chism said the retail on synthetic hair ranges from $2 to $10. Whereas virgin hair is sold at a much higher price.

On the camera, the suspect is seen handing the hair to someone in the car. It appears he's about to go back in the store, but then jumps in the car and leaves.

"Very frustrating. First of all, I'm a new business owner, I opened like two months ago. I just feel like what did I do to deserve this, like I didn't do anything to deserve someone busts my window out of the store and come in here and steal hair," said Chism.

The owner has offered a $500 reward in the case. And while the man's face is covered, his clothing is distinctive.

In the video, Chism said she can see the car is a Hyndaui Sonata and it's missing the fuel door.

"I don't have any sympathy for anybody who goes around stealing from others. I do want to get his image out there, and get the video out there so people can see what he has done," said Chism.

Anyone who recognizes the man or the car in the video call the Atlanta Police Department.