The Breakdown - Vero app

A social media app called Vero is now one of the ten most popular free apps on iTunes. People are referring to it the "anti-Facebook"

Vero promises a social network with no algorithms and no advertisements.

Algorithms are why your friends' posts to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram don't show up in order anymore. Those sites basically shuffle posts to show you what they think you'll want to see first, but sometimes they are wrong, causing you to miss posts and that can be annoying.

Based on reviews of Vero, people love the concept of posts showing up in order and without people trying to sell you stuff in the process. Over the weekend, Vero passed one million new users, but the sharp increase in new users crashed the Vero servers.

The company's Twitter feed is basically a bunch of apologies as its tech team tries to scale up. That is not uncommon for young apps that see quick growth and it works in your favor because as an apology of sorts, Vero is extending its "free for life" deal for new users until further notice. But yes, that means eventually people will have to pay.

Vero hopes people will agree to a fee in exchange for a less noisy, more friend-focused social environment, but will they?