The beautiful meaning behind ‘Rainbow Babies' & why they are so special

A smiling nine day old newborn baby girl bundled up in a rainbow colored swaddle. She is lying on a cream colored flokati (sheepskin) rug and wearing a crown made of roses.

The term “rainbow babies” refers to children who were born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. These children are a reminder to the family of the beauty of life, and the hope that has yet to come.

Pregnancy and parenting blogger, Chasity Boatman created a forum surrounding this topic that instantly went viral in 2015.

On the blog’s Facebook page, Every Child Is A Blessing: My Journey From Pregnancy Through Parenthood, Boatman shared a photo that she felt expressed the true beauty behind rainbow babies. The photos, shown below, show several mothers and their children before and after birth.