'That cow’s going to jump out': Calf tumbles from trailer onto Massachusetts highway

Drivers on a Massachusetts highway couldn't believe their eyes after seeing a calf fall out of a moving trailer onto the busy Interstate 95 in Georgetown on October 4. 

Elhassain Hussein was driving a few vehicles behind the trailer and recorded video of the open back door of the trailer and a young cow peeking out. 

"That cow’s going to jump out, dude. Don’t do it, cow, don’t do it!" you can hear a man says in the video. 

Shortly after that, the calf fell out of the trailer. 

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Hussein said once the calf stuck one leg at the door, his whole body eventually fell out.  Hussein then used his truck to keep other drivers away from the young cow. 

Hussein and other drivers then helped pull the animal to the side of the road. 

The driver of the trailer did stop and came back to retrieve the calf. Hussein told the driver that the calf may have dislocated his hip. 

The driver responded the calf was "going to the slaughterhouse anyway."

Local media outlets reported that state police arrived a few minutes later but found that "bystanders and the animal’s owner had already recovered the calf and were putting him back in the trailer."

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.